Quran Math Miracles Ep 8: The Bees and 16!

This is the amazing episode about the first ever publication of these new Quran discoveries in English.



Below is the chart for all vesrses numbered 16 in the Quran and their word and letter count


Chart data taken from the complete Quran Chapters and verses chart by Abdulrazzaq Abbawi in coordination with  Noon Center for Quran Research and Studies. Although highly credible and quality controlled i still have personally "physically" checked every single word count and found them to be accurate. I have also "physically" checked every single letter count and they too have proven to be accurate.

For details download my free book, Quran Math Miracles which inash-Allah will be available on this site starting from April of 2018.

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    ??? ???? ! ?????? ????? °????? ???? ???? ???????? -

  • M

    I could not download the book. I want to have the book Quran Mathe Miracles. I need help.

  • D

    This is some really great work! I emailed you as well, get ready to be truly wowed by God with His miracles TODAY! ;-) Peace David Allender 509-670-3022

  • J

    Assalaam o alaikum !! Jawwad here !! I really appreciate you struggle and hard work in the way of God to elevate the message and signs of God's miracles and I hope God will grant you reward. Well I have a request that please solve my problem to download the book of law of attraction and Islam in PDF form , because I click the link you mentioned on this website ,is not showing any Pdf download option . please if you can email me the book of LAW OF ATTRACTION AND ISLAM ,so it will be easier to gain benefit from your knowledge and get the reward of sadqa-e-jariya. Jazakallah ! I will be waiting for you positive response.

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