Hijrah (Emigration) Map

Hijrah (Emigration) Map

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A map detailing the route taken by Prophet Muḥammad (ﷺ) as he emigrated from Makkah (Mecca) to Madīnah, based on an analysis of authentic ḥadīth and the geography of the region. The Madinah Center of Research and Studies Map (Hijra Route, 2007) was also used as a reference to create the labels. Numerous maps claiming to trace the Prophet’s hijrah (emigration) to Madīnah exist online, many of which contain serious errors as they were only loosely drawn for illustration purposes as visual aids and little more. Unfortunately, others have based their work on such maps, leading to faulty analysis of key events during the relevant time period. This map was created specifically for my (forthcoming) five-volume work, Prophet Muḥammad (PBUH): A Comprehensive and Contextual Biography. Important Note: After purchase, this product will be available for download from your account dashboard on this website, and can be downloaded again as many times as you wish in the event it is accidentally lost or deleted. This website does not deliver physical products. Some products, such as books, are available as physical copies from, which delivers them to your physical address and should be purchased from Amazon. (File size 4.3MB, 4529 x 4461) Licenses: The purchase of this product grants the purchaser rights for “non-commercial” use only, which includes most not-for-profit uses, such as personal use, use in educational lectures, PowerPoint presentations, videos, and other (similar) uses. The product may not be used on websites or otherwise distributed digitally, regardless of the venue, nor may it be used in books, magazines, and other printed material intended for distribution regardless of whether it is for commercial or non-commercial use unless written permission is obtained from the author. For commercial (for-profit) use of any maps or products on this site, including any copyrighted findings present on the maps and other images, please contact the author with details of the intended use. Copyrights: For both commercial and non-commercial use, proper scholarly standards must be adhered to, and citations must be used with a reference made to “Binimad Al-Ateeqi (”

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  1. Hasakh (verified owner)

    Great map! The l in ‘AL-Jay’ needs to be lower case.

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