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Quran Math Miracles

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"Mind-blowing. This was my first reaction upon reviewing Binimad Al-Ateeqi’s new book: Quran Math Miracles. I rarely endorse a book, but this one is totally different. We all know that the Quran is a linguistic miracle with no equal—but were you also aware that the Quran is a symphony of seemingly impossible mathematical harmony? Your eeman is guaranteed to go sky-high as you delve into the undeniable miraculous code presented in this book. Page after page, the author highlights one amazing discovery after another, most of which have never been written about in English. Building on the work of others, but also including his own findings, the author shows us a new way to appreciate the Quran’s miraculous composition, explaining how computer technology has allowed us to begin unlocking the Quran’s many secrets. Quran Math Miracles is an essential read that is also replete with well-organized references, charts, and visual aids, making it a valuable tool for those working in the field of dawah as well." Amel S. Abdullah

Mathematical and numerical discoveries about the Quran display an undeniable and stunning code. When coupled with the fact that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was illiterate, it becomes abundantly clear that he neither was, nor could he be, the author of the Quran. In fact, this book demonstrates repeatedly that the Quran’s mathematical code is far beyond human capacity. This book builds upon the author’s popular YouTube series, “Quran Math Miracles,” which presents a vast amount of new discoveries, most of which have never before been available in English. While the author has provided relevant observations and findings of his own, most of the credit—unless otherwise stated—goes to the researchers of, Sheikh Bassam Jarrar, and others highlighted within the book.


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