Nov 20, 2017, 4:18 AM

Great Counterpart of the Law of Attraction Studies

Abdulaziz Imad Al-Ateeqi has written a profound book based off of the movie and subsequent book, “The Secret” as written by Rhonda Byrne. This book answers questions for many Muslims who have been confused about whether or not the Law of Attraction, as described in the original movie, The Secret, is one that can be followed in accordance to Islam or not. And this author has answered the questions, as well as demystified the things that did not make sense from the original movie and book.

The Law of Attraction is described as the “like attracts like” that whatever we want will come to us if we change our thoughts and feelings about what it is we want. If we act as if what we want is already here for us, that we will be ready to allow and to receive what we desire by the Universe. Al-Ateeqi says that through the Islamic point of view, The Secret has perhaps unintentionally, misrepresented beliefs about what the Law of Attraction really means. We are told that we are God, and we can create our own destinies, but that is not the truth – we are nowhere near close to being God. However, by knowing God’s (Allah’s) role in our lives as Muslims (and even as non-Muslims, as this book is not written solely for Muslims to read according to the author), we can understand how to use the basics of the law of attraction for us the right away so that we can fulfill our desires as according to our destiny and invocation.

Al-Ateeqi does a superb job in first introducing the aspect of the Law of Attraction he personally perceived from the movie and the book, “The Secret” in the first section, and breaking down from it, seven points he addresses in the second part of his book discussing the role of Islam and “The Secret.” Al-Ateeqi takes each point he received from “The Secret” and analyzes it with actual excerpts from the Qur’an and the Hadith of the Prophet (SAW). He uses the Quranic verses to show that the Law of Attraction does have a significant role in the life of a Muslim and a non-Muslim. For example, Al-Ateeqi says, “That whatever situation you find your life to be in will not change until you change what’s within yourself…” He then correlates that with the Quranic verse that says, that God (Allah) states in Surah Arra’d, “Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves…” I found this to be a profound statement, and definitely one of the ways to see how there is the Law of Attraction working in our lives, through Allah.

Al-Ateeqi also does a good job of showing the misconceptions that have come about from “The Secret” and one of the major misconceptions is the belief that we are all God, that because we are energy, we have always and will always be, that if we do “die” we will simply be taken into a new form and will not be judged. This is a severe misconception and the reason why many things that are said in the original, “The Secret” does not make sense for many people. Al-Ateeqi again, shows from the Islamic point of view, along with using many different sources about these misconceptions and what we can do to right it.

I also liked Al-Ateeqi’s discussion in the book about destiny, free will and invocation. He states that it is our choices which we make (our free-well) to react with what is already destined for us. Invocation, or prayers, helps us to change a part of what is already destined if it is something that is good for us in accordance to Allah. However, since Allah already knows our past, present and future simultaneously which is beyond our own comprehension. So we must put our faith, and not worry about it. It helped me to understand that the things we desire, visualize and act upon all occur in the time that is destined for us, and not to worry about the timing, only to just enjoy the moment, be happy and make good choices in life that help us, not hurt us.

I recommend this book to anyone interested in reading about how the Law of Attraction can be used in accordance with religion – especially Islamically.

(on August 30, 2012)

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